Friday, January 2, 2009

I've started and re-started this post several times...don't really have much to say. Dalton is about the same, I guess....yesterday he played hard all day and there was a huge difference in his pain and limping last night. We went to Marie's (Joey's mom) for lunch and the kids played outside a big portion of the afternoon and last night he was very stiff and said "ow" a lot. He wanted to be carried and asked for his stroller (which we didn't get out)..we just carried him if we went down the hall or something. This morning he doesn't seem to be in pain, though the limp is still there. Guess that's just something we will deal with for a while, or during the duration of the way this disease course runs.

As for me, I am feeling some better I guess. I think it's just that fear of the unknown that bugs for those that know me well know that I have to be "in the know" and on top of every situation. This is hard for me to just let go and know that some things are wait and see and that some things (like appointments) take time to come around. Part of me will be so glad when the 13th gets here and we can see what this doctor feels is best for Dalton. Then again part of me wants to be oblivious to everything until the 13th comes....allowing Dalton to run and play like we don't know anything is wrong. I'm not sure which is the best approach.

Anyhow, Joey goes back to work on Monday and we will get back into our routine of school and all. We've been out for just over a month and I'm ready to get into our normal routine. Dalton will turn 5 in Aug and we will "officially" start Kindergarten the middle of July with him. We homeschool and I am thankful, especially with what we have going on with Dalton.

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