Monday, June 29, 2009

Dr Appt Update - by Allison

This is Allison updating for Lori.

Happy with his change in ROM. Xrays don't look any better. Said he'd be concerned by the xrays if he wasn't seeing the patient. Being able to see Dalton and seeing that he does have ROM in his leg makes him feel better about the situation. As long as we can keep ROM up we can keep him out of operating room. Can do bracing on a pediatric abduction help his ROM. He will wear that at night until see him again. Increased physical therapy to 3 times per week. Noticed a little bit of density in hip -- said it could be blood flow starting to come back to the hip. Will be able to see better at next appt. Will see him again on 8/17.

Sorry it's so broken up...tried typing it as she was telling it to me.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Baltimore Bound

We are leaving in the morning at 4:30am...RAH!! lol Joey is setting my alarm for 4am...I'm just washing my face and getting dressed...nothing more, nothing less. haha I've got my ribbon and all other bow making supplies packed in the car so that I can whip out some hairbows on the way there and back. I'm nowhere near as nervous this time as I was the last time we were leaving to head to see Dr. Standard. I was so in a tizzy last time that I fought a rotten sick headache for the first couple hours of the car trip. This time will be more relaxing because we will have one full day there, which we are going to spend in DC. Last time we drove up one day, had the appt the next a.m. and drove right back. Whew! That was lots of car time.

As for Dalton, he's done better this week as far as his pain level at night but it's so hard to know if it's just one of those times that he's not having as much pain or if it's the L O R I T A B or some of both. Either way, we'll take it!

I got our clothes packed yesterday and Joey was off today so we took the boys to the river. They had such a good time. It was so hot today that the water felt nice. Where we go to the river we have to walk about 1/4 mile in. It's all downhill going in and Dalton walked about half way before he needed Joey to carry him. Of course, going out it's all UP hill. Dalton made it up the first little hill from the river and he couldn't go anymore. His leg was so sore. We got to the car and he didn't want to walk anymore he said. :( Poor babe. We did ride on up to section 3 of the river so they could see the rapid at Bull Sluice. (They have heard their daddy talk about this rapid because it's the one that he almost died on once...the river was way up and they capsized...anyway...the boys had been wanting to see it.) So Dalton walked all the way in but had to be carried back out bc his leg was just too sore to make it up the hill. Of course, I could have stood to have been carried out, but I digress. ROFL!

Here's a couple of pics of my cutie pie from today!

Mrs. Stacey (physical therpaist) checked Dalton's ROM on Wednesday at his appt and everything had increased again since his last ROM check on 5/29. Most things had gone up either 5 or 10 degrees (or percent? not sure which). Anyway, I still feel like Dr. S. will be happy with the increase in his ROM....just hoping that it's enough that the hip is easing back into socket and hasn't come out any farther.

I'll be updating on Facebook as I can and I plan to try and update the blog before we head back for SC on Monday. His appt is not until noon so it'll be mid-afternoon before you should be looking for any big update from us.

Keep us in your prayers for safe travels. Will update as soon as I can!

Much love to all!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

We got the rx for both of the medicines that I talked about in the last post. The "V" didn't work AT ALL...neither did the "L". Though, I think that the "L" might work in some cases but probably not if he's in a lot of pain. Anyway, tonight he has gone to sleep just fine with no issues. I stretched his leg good for him before bed hoping it might help. There's really no way of knowing what helps and what doesn't. There are times that I think doing his stretching before bed makes him hurt but I don't know. It still seems that there is no reasoning or pattern behind when he hurts. He can be very active and I will expect a lot of pain and he does ok and then a day that he's not overly active he's in bad pain..and vice versa..sometimes after a lot of activity he's in a lot of I don't know. All I know is that tonight he's been asleep since about 10pm and here it is 2:30am and I'm still awake. I think I'm so messed up with my sleeping that there is no hope for me. I am tired but just haven't been able to fall asleep yet.

We leave for Baltimore early next Saturday morning with plans to take the boys to DC on Sunday to do some touristy stuff. Dalton's appointment is at noon on Monday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Standard is the best....I continue to be amazed by what a nice guy he is. He gives one night of his month to us perthes peeps and he schedules an online chat. He is usually on there for about 2 1/2 hours. We go in order by when we arrive in the chat room and we are able to talk to him about any issues ongoing since our last appointment. There are actually even people that come to the chat that DON'T see Dr. S because of where they live or travel expenses, etc. He will even talk to them and have them email xrays so he can let them know his thoughts on the situation. he is just amazing! Anyway, last night was one of those chats. I told him about Dalton's improved ROM and he was very pleased..he did agree that increased ROM and the hip easing back into socket went hand in hand. Especially with Dalton's increased abduction!! YAY : ) He was concerned with the night time pain...last night was no different...while I was in chat sitting in the bed by Dalton he woke up 4 times crying w/his leg. Dr. Standard wants me to call the clinic this morning and let them know that he said he would call in two medicines for Dalton for us to try to work out the night time pain. (I am going to put space out the names of the meds to keep spam bots off the blog.) The two medicines are l o r i t @ b and
v @ l i u m. The 1st one would help with pain, obviously....I'm not too nervous about this one because Hunter had to take for a neck injury last fall and did fine with it. I also have a good friend that's daughter has to take this one pretty regularly for some joint pain issues she has. The 2nd drug I am a little more concerned about..I guess just bc I've never dealt with it period. However, I totally trust Dr. S and if he thinks it will help then I am willing to do it. He said that it will help w/the muscle spasms and cramps. I had told him I could wait until our appt on 6/29 but he said no for me to call today and he would have it called in.

Ok, so it's 8:30..time to call Baltimore and then out the door for our last day of VBS!! Have a good one everybody!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update on Dalton

First off, our appointment has been changed from 7/6 to 6/29. Dr. Standard is on vacation and they didn't want our appointment to be pushed out so we are in a week earlier.

As for Dalton he's still doing about the same. We have two or 3 good nights a week and then we have a night, like last night, that he tosses and turns a good bit of the night...crying out and reaching for his leg, dozing back off, repeating all this again. Then we'll have a night like last Thursday that he cried basically non-stop until about 2am. He got into pain about 11pm and I tried everything I knew to do...rubbing his leg, motrin, tylenol, warm bath w/lavendar...I even gave him ben@dryl to help him sleep....nothing really seemed to work until at some point he just fell asleep..I'm sure the pain stopped for him to go to sleep but it took a good while.

Anyway....we are still doing PT twice a week as well as exercises here at home the rest of the time. We are having VBS at church this week for 3 hours in the mornings and it's been a busy week.

I've had several people email and ask me about him since I've not updated lately. Thanks for checking in on us.