Friday, June 26, 2009

Baltimore Bound

We are leaving in the morning at 4:30am...RAH!! lol Joey is setting my alarm for 4am...I'm just washing my face and getting dressed...nothing more, nothing less. haha I've got my ribbon and all other bow making supplies packed in the car so that I can whip out some hairbows on the way there and back. I'm nowhere near as nervous this time as I was the last time we were leaving to head to see Dr. Standard. I was so in a tizzy last time that I fought a rotten sick headache for the first couple hours of the car trip. This time will be more relaxing because we will have one full day there, which we are going to spend in DC. Last time we drove up one day, had the appt the next a.m. and drove right back. Whew! That was lots of car time.

As for Dalton, he's done better this week as far as his pain level at night but it's so hard to know if it's just one of those times that he's not having as much pain or if it's the L O R I T A B or some of both. Either way, we'll take it!

I got our clothes packed yesterday and Joey was off today so we took the boys to the river. They had such a good time. It was so hot today that the water felt nice. Where we go to the river we have to walk about 1/4 mile in. It's all downhill going in and Dalton walked about half way before he needed Joey to carry him. Of course, going out it's all UP hill. Dalton made it up the first little hill from the river and he couldn't go anymore. His leg was so sore. We got to the car and he didn't want to walk anymore he said. :( Poor babe. We did ride on up to section 3 of the river so they could see the rapid at Bull Sluice. (They have heard their daddy talk about this rapid because it's the one that he almost died on once...the river was way up and they capsized...anyway...the boys had been wanting to see it.) So Dalton walked all the way in but had to be carried back out bc his leg was just too sore to make it up the hill. Of course, I could have stood to have been carried out, but I digress. ROFL!

Here's a couple of pics of my cutie pie from today!

Mrs. Stacey (physical therpaist) checked Dalton's ROM on Wednesday at his appt and everything had increased again since his last ROM check on 5/29. Most things had gone up either 5 or 10 degrees (or percent? not sure which). Anyway, I still feel like Dr. S. will be happy with the increase in his ROM....just hoping that it's enough that the hip is easing back into socket and hasn't come out any farther.

I'll be updating on Facebook as I can and I plan to try and update the blog before we head back for SC on Monday. His appt is not until noon so it'll be mid-afternoon before you should be looking for any big update from us.

Keep us in your prayers for safe travels. Will update as soon as I can!

Much love to all!

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