Thursday, February 19, 2009

Limping along....

lol...Pun intended. But at least I can laugh about it right? :) We've not had any real incidents since the last update...but he's been pretty stiff for about a week and has limped a lot and just complained that it hurts.

We went bowling yesterday...he really enjoyed that.

Sorry for not updating in so long, just nothing much to update about really. Next appointment is just a little over a month away and we'll just go from there and see how xrays look then.

Thanks for still checking in on us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What mortified feels like...

So remember my post saying that I was afraid of jinxing Dalton? Yeah, well....I did. So from here on out..if I have no posts, then just assume that he's doing ok.

Hunter has had a cold that has turned into a nasty sinus infection and he's feeling rotten so I took him to the dr this afternoon. While we were sitting there Hunter kept crying a little because he felt so rotten. Dalton was being SO good..sitting right in the chair beside me watching tv when all of a sudden, totally out of nowhere he starts screaming and falls out into the floor. He's having one of those stupid spasms in his leg. He's screaming and crying and if I try to pick him up out of the floor he's screaming "don't touch me!!!!!!!" (but not being ugly, just not wanting to be moved bc he's in pain.) I just keep rubbing his face and telling him it's ok while the entire waiting room looked at us. I know that half of them thought he was just showing his tail. I finally looked at the few people right there at us and said "he's got a problem with his hip and it causes his leg to have spasms in it and there is nothing we can do..he just cries and it will eventually stop." Now had we been home I expect it would have passed quickly, but considering we were surrounded by staring strangers it lasted a good 10-15 minutes. My cheeks were literally burning red...I was so embarassed. I sent Hunter to get one of the ladies in the office to come and help and she asked what we needed and I said, fighting back tears, to please just get us out of the waiting room. So she ran and got a wheelchair and I just picked him up, still screaming, and put him in it and we got to the back and in a room and he finally settled down. Now he's just more sore and definetly limping worse.

And so it goes, I'm home alone with one with a sore leg and one throwing up w/a headache from a sinus infection. Woooooha!

Just remember, if Dalton's ok, then I won't be updating! LOL!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doing pretty good....

I hesitate to even write that Dalton is doing good because I am positive I am a jinx. LOL! Other than having a limp and just a time or two of saying that his leg hurts he's done pretty well since last week. Last week (Mon-Thurs) he hardly limped at all...then he started limping on Friday and has limped, more or less, since then...but he's not complaining of lots of pain either. I know it's probably just one of the times that he's going to do good..I know that the pain is bound to find us again just due to the nature of perthes..but I'll count the good days as blessings and just be thankful!