Monday, November 21, 2011


Where does the time go? I could have sworn that I updated this blog last year in August (2010) when we saw Dr. Standard for the last time. At our last visit Dr. Standard was pleased with the xrays and how the hip was back in the socket. This is all in thanks to the physical therapy and constant stretching we did at home. He told us to go home and to let Dalton be a little boy...let him run, jump, climb, etc. So far so good with all of that. For a while we dealt with him being very clumsy, due to not using his right leg very much...we also still dealt with pain at times, mostly due to usasge. We have not dealt with the nights of screaming and waking up with pain in a couple of years. I am so thankful to be past that point with Dalton. That was the worse of it all was for him to hurt so bad and nothing really help the pain, loritab and valium included. He still has a little pain, here and there, mostly weather related or when he has been very active then he will limp a little or complain that it hurts. We also are still dealing with weight issues...the weight has not fallen off like we had hoped that it would once he went back to normal activity. I think, in part, it was that we dealt with an increase in appetite due to the steroids he was on and off of, as well as just getting into a habit of eating more (partly from steroids, partly from boredom), not to mention not being able to be active and how that puts the weight on..Now he is very active, but still "chubby." I am trying to work with him on that, but it is hard.

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