Friday, June 12, 2009

Dr. Standard is the best....I continue to be amazed by what a nice guy he is. He gives one night of his month to us perthes peeps and he schedules an online chat. He is usually on there for about 2 1/2 hours. We go in order by when we arrive in the chat room and we are able to talk to him about any issues ongoing since our last appointment. There are actually even people that come to the chat that DON'T see Dr. S because of where they live or travel expenses, etc. He will even talk to them and have them email xrays so he can let them know his thoughts on the situation. he is just amazing! Anyway, last night was one of those chats. I told him about Dalton's improved ROM and he was very pleased..he did agree that increased ROM and the hip easing back into socket went hand in hand. Especially with Dalton's increased abduction!! YAY : ) He was concerned with the night time pain...last night was no different...while I was in chat sitting in the bed by Dalton he woke up 4 times crying w/his leg. Dr. Standard wants me to call the clinic this morning and let them know that he said he would call in two medicines for Dalton for us to try to work out the night time pain. (I am going to put space out the names of the meds to keep spam bots off the blog.) The two medicines are l o r i t @ b and
v @ l i u m. The 1st one would help with pain, obviously....I'm not too nervous about this one because Hunter had to take for a neck injury last fall and did fine with it. I also have a good friend that's daughter has to take this one pretty regularly for some joint pain issues she has. The 2nd drug I am a little more concerned about..I guess just bc I've never dealt with it period. However, I totally trust Dr. S and if he thinks it will help then I am willing to do it. He said that it will help w/the muscle spasms and cramps. I had told him I could wait until our appt on 6/29 but he said no for me to call today and he would have it called in.

Ok, so it's 8:30..time to call Baltimore and then out the door for our last day of VBS!! Have a good one everybody!!

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