Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm debating on calling Dalton's ped ortho in Greenville to make an appointment for early next week. Sunday he had that awful spasm at lunch and then his leg was sore and he was stiff on it...Sunday evening he had two bad spasms that he cried out with. I know the dr said to expect pain, but this is not exactly the impression I had of the pain. I was thinking aching pain, sore when walking, but screaming out is not what I took him to mean. Granted, he's not school age (and we homeschool anyway...) but I'm to a point where I am afraid to leave him in Awana, Sunday School, or choir by himself. It would absolutely scare his teachers to death if he had one of those spasms. The screaming is just horrible. He shakes all over and breaks out in a cold sweat with them! So I know they are bad...Dalton's a tough boy..it takes a good bit of pain to make him cry, so for him to be literally screaming is pretty bad.

I think I will call and get an appointment, if nothing else for peace of mind. Gah, and speaking of peace of mind...Sunday I googled "perthes and leg spasms" well one of the first articles I pulled up was this one. So I am frantically digging out copies of his blood work and finally found the answers I was looking for. His white blood count (wbc) was high by the standards set by the hospital, but as I dug further and further online I found out based on age what is a normal wbc and Dalton was WELL within normal range!! (For the record, a 4 year old can have wbc as high as 15.5 (thousand) and be totally NORMAL! and Dalton's was only 12 something and he was at the dr for croup too!) WHEW! I was one sick feeling Mama for a short time Sunday. I kept saying to Joey that "surely they wouldn't have missed something....surely". It did make me feel better to see that the article was from Germany in 1983 which we know medicine has come a long way since then. But still...ugh...shiver!!

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