Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rollin rollin

Lil D got him a wheelchair today compliments of our good friend Kari.

I wasn't going to say anything here on Dalton's blog about this because I just didn't feel like it was appropriate for here..but yesterday was just a real struggle...but now that everything has worked out I will share just what God has done. I think we are like most people we know....we make our bills..but it's tight sometimes. Well the place that rents out wheelchairs called yesterday morning to say that they were getting with our insurance company, blah blah blah and were bringing Dalton out a wheelchair later in the day. Yay...well not long after that the insurance company called me to say that a request has to be submitted to them and it takes a 30 day turn around time to have the request approved/denied. (Seriously...if he couldn't walk at all we'd have to wait at least 30 days???) Bull! Then she goes on to tell me that OUT OF POCKET we'd have to pay $400 up front and then our insurance would kick in and would pay 80% of the rental fee per month on the wheel chair...our 20% would still be $45/month! We *might* could swing the $45 a month (if we don't eat...LOL) but no way could we pay the $400 up front right now. So by this point I was bawling not knowing what to do...talked to Joey..he said to tell them just not to bring it..we'd just have to figure out something else. I was really feeling discouraged...Thank God for good friends and our family. We have so many that are praying for us and checking on us, encouraging us. My friend Shelley came over yesterday afternoon to visit...we had talked ealier in the day and she just felt the need to come and visit. She even rocked Dalton to sleep for me so we could just sit and talk. I really had absolutely no desire to go to church last night...when I get in a mood like I've been in I just want to be home and not subject myself to having to be around people. About 6:10 I thought...if Shelley can drop everything and come here to visit me to encourage me then I am going to make an effort and take the boys and go to Awana. So I did.

I had gone to check on Dalton and on my way back to the class that I help in my friend Kari stopped me in the hallway to ask about Dalton and I was telling her about the struggle we had gone through about getting him a wheelchair. She immediately knew of a solution....her daughter Katelyn had surgery on her leg 2 years ago and she was pretty sure she could get a hold of the wheelchair that she had used and bring it to us. Last night I just prayed that something would work out for us. Sure enough this morning she sent me a txt that she could get the wheelchair and was bringing it to us TODAY!!! She brought it over just around 3pm.

I also found out today that a local church had a special prayer just for our Dalton this past Sunday. It just means so much to us..I know I say that a lot but I truly mean it. Words can't express how greatful we are for the prayers, love, financial support, and acts of kindness that have been shown to us. We just hope that one day we can pay it forward to someone else in need.

lol...Now if you can believe much that has seemed to happen to us lately..would you believe that Hunter and I both came down with a virus last night/this morning?? Hunter had been fine all day (Shelley can definetly attest to that! lol) and then during Awana while I was talking to Kari his leader came out and said that Hunter wanted me...I went in to see what was up and he said his head hurt...well long story short he started to throw up once we got home and it went on about every half an hour during the night and then low and behold I got sick early this morning and felt pretty yuck until about 2pm today. One thing I can say is that this virus was a very mild one in comparison to some that we have had. Now the wait begins to see when and if Dalton will come down with it. Blah!

As far as things with Dalton's pain and limping...he hasn't limped too much yesterday or today, though he cried a little last night with his leg and this evening he has limped some...which goes to show that the more he's on it, the worse it is in the evening for him. It really makes sense that the less he uses it for active play that the longer it's going to take for it to repair itself. I'm concerned because he's put on a little weight..he's gained about 5 pounds in the past 3 weeks or so...Now granted, he went through back to back rounds of prednisone (for the croup and then poison oak) which just increased his appetite..He went from weighing about 55lbs to weighing 60lbs at MUSC on Tuesday. In an adult 5lbs isn't a big deal, but in a kid it makes a huge difference!! A big part of this is that he just physically can't run and burn off the calories like he once could. I'm not sure what to do about this. We have another dear friend from church working to see about getting Dalton into the community pool, but if this doesn't work out then I am going to have no choice but to get us a YMCA membership. During the summer we have pool access but this time of year we just don't. I know the wheelchair will give him a good upper body workout..just not sure if that will help his waist or Not sure about a Wii or something that would have him up and moving...we don't have one but had talked about maybe trying to get one if it got to a point that Dalton couldn't be active. Obviously swimming is going to be the best thing, so please just keep that on your prayer radar that something will work out for the swimming aspect of it. We would love to be able to do the swimming at the closer community pool..but they have stopped allowing anyone other than residents of that community into the pool. It's possible that if they do allow us to swim that they might only approve it for Dalton and not for Hunter. Hunter's already feeling just a tad left out and I know it would kill him to have to sit and watch Dalton in the pool..because even though it is good for Dalton and he needs it...he'll still have fun doing it.

Lastly, here are a few pics that we took on our trip to MUSC!

Me and the boys at the Battery

Dalton on a (that's my dad there with him)

Rainbow Row...ahhh, lovely isn't it?

Me, my friend Jen, Hunter, Dalton, Andrew, and Ethan

The Angel Oak

Folly Beach

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  1. I'm so glad that everything worked out with the wheelchair. What a blessing! I love the pictures too, it looks like you all had a great time checking out the scenery! :)