Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Suprise in the mailbox!

In the past week Dalton has received two nice suprises! On last Thursday the mail lady delivered a box to "Hunter and Dalton Land" and my great aunt Flossie sent the boys each a small remote control car. So sweet of her! She figured it was something they could do that wouldn't be too active for Dalton. They love them!! Thanks Aunt Flossie!!! Love you!

Then today we only had one envelope in the mailbox and it was to Dalton. I won't say who it was from in case they don't want to be called out on it...but they sent Dalton a sweet card and $20. Now Dalton loves him some mail but you can imagine his suprise when out popped a $20 bill. He kept "snapping" the money and saying "wooo hooo!" It was so cute. So very, very thoughtful of this person as well. We have sent you a card, but I want to say here too, "Thank you so much!"

The thoughtfulness of people just amazes me.

Dalton's appointment is tomorrow afternoon with Dr. Beckish. I'm going to see if we can get an answer to these spasms he is having...several things I have read talks about spasms and hospital traction for a brief time..but hopefully we won't have to go down that road. He just wasn't having the spasms when he saw Dr. Beckish the last time, nor the dr at MUSC for that it's just something that needs to be brought to his attention. I'll update tomorrow evening sometime.

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  1. It's amazing how thoughtful people are when it comes to situations like this. We had so many people do nice things for us when I was on bed rest ~ I didn't even know that many people really cared.

    I hope you get some answers at the appointment tomorrow. (((hugs)))