Thursday, January 15, 2009

One more thing...

Make sure to scroll down because I just did a blog post that included pics of our Charleston trip...

One other thing that we are trying to decide is which ped ortho to see. If they were both in Greenville we would see Dr. Hooker (the one from MUSC). We like them both and I think that they both have the same objective in mind. They both said to do the motrin, both said that they would cast/brace if it got worse,'s the main thing between the two dr's.

Beckish in Greenville said to let Dalton guide us...let him do what he wants and know that pain will be there if he does too much. He also didn't recommend any stretching or anything like that. He said no on the wheelchair because of dependency issues.

Hooker @ MUSC said for US to guide Dalton. That he should NOT be running, jumping, climbing as long as he's limping...if no limp then we can allow him to do a little. She said yes on the wheelchair to make it easier for days he's in pain or limping a lot.

So for that little of a difference is it worth the drive to Charleston, the cost of gas, hotel, food...etc?

What we are trying to decide is do we just see Dr. Beckish again on 3/30 (his appt at MUSC is 3/17) and tell him that we are doing a stretching exercise and to let him know that we are choosing to limit D's activities because we are seeing an increase in pain and limping if he's too active.

I know everyone will have thoughts and opinions on you mind sharing? We are leaning towards Greenville since it's closer..I mean, ultimately Dalton is 4..he IS going to run, jump, and climb at times. I can't physically have my eyes on him 24/7. I am trying my best, and so is Joey in the evenings to keep his activity down. I mean, it's not like I think the dr in Gville is going to be mad and dismiss us because we are doing a stretching exercise and because we are not allowing Dalton to run, jump, climb.

Anyway, it's confusing and it would be helpful to have a couple of thoughts from some of you guys to make sure we are thinking this through correctly...

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  1. I think that if you feel comfortable bringing him to the closer hospital that you should go with it. I don't think the doc will reprimand you for limiting D's activity if it is going to help slow the progression of his condition. But, that is just my personal opinion.(((hugs))) and good luck with your decision.