Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Update from Lori

Allison here again....

Checked range of motion - better than she expected based on xrays. Definitely needs to be limited on activity. Main thing she wants is him not to limp. Once limping has stopped let him run and climb. As we let him play and run if he limps again we back off. No jumping until it is completely better. Wants him on motrin regimen 3 times a day. As limping gets better we can take out one dose of motrin. She showed us an exercise we can do to help his range of motion. Do this 3 or 4 times a day. Range of motion in right leg is 45%. When it gets to 35% is when she considers traction or casting. The pain he had the other night she said could have been that a piece of bone fragmented in the hip.

Wrote him a prescription for a wheel chair. But only use it as needed. She said his age is on his side. 90% chance he will do fine with his hip. Goal is to do day to day activity without limping.

She will see him again in 2 months on March 17th. Will do more xrays and see how everything is looking at that point. Will also check range of motion as well.

I'm sure Lori will post an update as soon as they get home tonight.

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