Monday, January 5, 2009

Waiting, wondering...

Today has been a hard day. Not really sure why, but I found myself in tears several times. I am not usually so emotional and it drives me insane when I am this way.

We'll be leaving for Charleston next Monday morning early. I think just me and the boys and my mom are going down. Joey said he'd just stay here and work in case they have to do something later that he's needed for. Should be fine because I am sure he could care less than riding around looking at sights and walking on the beach and all that.

It's funny how things just seem to work out sometimes though. We've been a little concerned about the cost of the trip down, how much it will cost at the appointment, espcially because our deductible won't have been met by the time of this appointment. Well my mom called me today to say that a couple that is friends with my dad gave him $20 and said they wanted to at least help out with gas money. He said nothing about us being concerned...he's just not that apparently our prayers were answered...God laid it on their hearts to give my dad this money. Amazing huh? I know we'll be just fine. The most important thing is getting Dalton to the right doctor and if we are doing the right thing then everything else will just fall into place. I know it will.

It just seems like it's something to worry you all the time though...Dalton had this spot on his chin...if anyone noticed at church he had a bandaid on his chin yesterday morning...well today whatever it is has grown to twice the really, really red and oozing. (yeah, nice.) I am debating on having to take him to the dr with it in the morning. I am pretty sure it's just a "burn" from the trampoline (I know, I know...he shouldn't even be on it...)but just the way it's sort of spread makes me a little worried. In my mind I'm hoping it's not one of those flesh eating things and half of his face will be gone by morning. lol Seriously though, it looks bad and is really painful whatever it is. He's also got a spot under his eye that has scabbed over so I'm almost positive it's a burn from falling..but I don't understand why it's spread on his chin...unless maybe it's a little infected. Anyway, I'm just praying it will look better by morning so we can avoid going to the doctor.

Again, thanks for all the love and support you have sent our way. We continue to be so appreciate of it.


  1. I hope Dalton's chin is looking better today and you can avoid going to the doctor. (((hugs)))

  2. Lori, It feels great when people want to help out of their goodness of their hearts doesn't it? When Bethanie was born she was at a hospital 90+ minutes away from home. DH worked 35 minutes from home, in the opposite direction. He chose to take FML for the entire time she was in the NICU so that he could stay there with me and her. So for 3 whole months we had NO income what so ever. THANKFULLY we didn't have a house (we lived in the house we do now but we hadn't bought it from my mom yet, she didn't charge us rent) or car payments at that time. It was unbelievable the money people gave us just because they wanted to. Our church gave us a pretty big chunk to help us out, my grandma was always giving us little bits here and there, we even had complete strangers give us money. In addition to all the money, people also gave gifts and did things for us (like clean the house and paint and set up Bethanie's room). Because of all those kind hearted people, we survived that difficult time and I am sure you will survive this as well. (((((HUGS))))