Friday, May 29, 2009

We have improved ROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get a WOOOT?!?!

Ok, so on 5/11 his measurements were as follows:

flexion 90 (normal is 120)
abduction 15 (normal is 50-60)
external rotation 25 (normal is 70-90)
internal rotation 10 (normal is 40)

Today 5/29

flexion 105
abduction 40
external 60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
internal 20

WOOT! The internal is still pretty tight but at least we have some improvement!!

Now let's just hope that the xrays on 7/6 show that the hip is going back towards the socket and not out anymore!

We are still dealing with some pain...he's been pain-free the past two nights (and he hasn't wet the bed so I know that his accidents are directly related to his hip pain!) If he has pain then he wets the pain=waking up dry! This holds true for daytime accidents too!

He's started having some pain..which I guess I could describe best as an aching pain..during the daytime. It's usually late afternoon and he'll whine and cry that it hurts. This has just started this week. I know pain is a very normal part of perthes, but it's still hard when you know it hurts them.

Anyway, today we are celebrating improved ROM!!! Thanks for praying, God DOES listen!!!

Here are a couple pics of his PT today...with his beloved Mrs. Stacy.

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  1. Great News, Lori! Praise God! And, praise Dalton for all of his hard work. So glad to see the improvement in his ROM.
    love & hugs from Indiana...

    Sherry & Evan