Monday, May 25, 2009

Rollin rollin rollin

Dalton spent Thursday evening, Friday, & Saturday in his wheelchair to try and give his hip some relief. Here's Hunter pushing him around through the house and Dalton wanted me to get a picture of his new gymmies.

Saturday Dalton got in the wagon and Hunter drove Dalton around in the driveway. Hunter is such a good big brother!

We have two is on loan, the other is ours. Hunter got out the other one and sat in it with Dalton while they watched Hannah Montanna....

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  1. Hi Lori and Dalton!
    How is Dalton feeling after his few days of rest? I hope well. Simon is still limping - but being a maniac on the bike. so we'll see. I'll write you soon. take care!
    Stacey in Portland