Saturday, May 9, 2009


STINKS! Dalton hates it and I feel like the worst mother EVER having to do it to him. We have to do 6 exercises (5 on the sheet that Dr. Standard gave us plus one extra one he showed us) 3 times a day. We have to do each exercise in 3 sets of 20-30 seconds. Yesterday morning he did fine but by lunch he seemed to be tighter and he would beg me to please be done and then all afternoon he would ask me over and over if we had to do them at night. We did them right before bed and then he took a warm bath. He was in a lot of pain during the night last night too. We've got to do them here in just a few minutes before he goes to bed. Blah. They are time consuming and already I am sick of having to do them..yes, after only 5 times. I just pray that they will help and we can avoid that surgery. Several of the ladies on our perthes support group have given me good suggestions regarding the exercises so I am definetly going to implement them.

Today has been a pretty nice, fun day for us. Hunter had baseball pictures this morning and then we went to the grocery store. When we got home we did our 2nd set of stretches and went out to the pool...then Joey grilled us some steaks and hot dogs and we made salad w/stuff from the garden. It's been a fun day spending it together as a family. A lot of times we are all pulled in different directions so today was nice to just be home together.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all.

I will update after Dalton's first PT appt on Monday.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! My son, Isaac, was just diagnosed with Legg Calves Perthes this month - May 2012- so it is good to feel support of knowing th other families have been through this. Your story is inspiring!