Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little setback or just to be expected?

After FOUR blissful nights of sleep Dalton woke up FIVE TIMES last night crying with his leg. He was tired and cranky today, naturally. I got him to take a nap only for him to wake up within half an hour crying. When it was time to do his stretches he seemed to be a lot tighter and he cried and wanted me to stop. At this point we were pushing almost 4pm so I put in a call to Dr. Standard's office and left a message on the patient line. A resident doctor called me back within less than an hour and said that she had talked w/Dr. Standard and he feels that maybe we've just overdone it w/PT and stretching for us to be non weight bearing for 48 stretching, no PT...only wheelchair, couch, or bed. He said to give him motrin for 24 hours, even though he had said for us not to give it to him when we were up there earlier this month..he said for short amounts of time (ie: running a high fever, bad pain) it was ok. They told me they would be on call all weekend so if we needed them just to call.

I just don't understand what went wrong because I was really feeling like we were on the right track and we didn't really do anything any different yesterday than we have been doing. We did add in some water exercises (8, to be exact) but I just don't think that's the problem.

Hopefully the next 48 hours won't be too difficult trying to keep him down.. Yeah, right...who am I kidding? lol


  1. I'm so sorry girl. I hope that the next few days go well and that he is at least able to start walking around a bit after the weekend. (((hugs)))

  2. hopefully that was just an 'off' day and it will continue to get back on track as smoothly as before. i hope so...not only for dalton's sake, but yours, too!! we will continue to keep you all in our prayers. much love--

  3. My son goes through the same thing some days are better than others. We just have to take it a day at a time. He has it in his right hip and he is facing major surgery if the ball of his hip doesn't stay in socket. He has already had a tenotomy and petrie casts so this will be awful.But i am hopeful that this will all be over soon.

  4. I sorry to read the setback you've had! I'm sure this is very stressful on both of you! remember, sometimes these setback are just due to the over exertion and inflammation and not that things are going bad with the disease! I hope in 2 days he is feeling back to his basline and can move on to enjoy life! Simon over did it this week too and started to limp and our hearts sank.... but we are trying to just realize it's the over activity showing....but it's still hard. take care and my thoughts are with you all. Stacey