Thursday, May 14, 2009

PT went good again today...he didn't get to get in the pool because something wasn't quite right with it so his pool appt was moved to next Wednesday. Dalton's still pretty tight and Stacy (his PT) said that she really doubted we would see much change in his ROM by next week. She said if we keep working hard we might see some by week 4. That makes me feel better because I was already feeling kind of sick thinking that it wasn't working at all yet. Tomorrow will be one week since we started the exercises. Dalton was so quiet around Stacy today. Poor baby is so tired. He gets up at least twice most every night. As soon as we got home and ate lunch he fell asleep and slept for two hours.

To elaborate more on how wonderful Dr. Standard is, tonight he is giving of his free time and dedicating an hour to chat with us on our perthes board. He does this to give us a chance to ask him any questions in between visits, but also for people that don't see him he will let you know what he thinks about your course of treatment. He is amazing! He truly loves children and he is so kind and caring. I don't mean to gush about him every time I blog...but it still just amazes me that he is as smart as he is AND he takes that much time with his patients. I will never complain having to wait to see him because I know he'll take that much time with us!! Dalton LOVES him and every morning when we do his exercises he'll say "I wonder what my dr is doing up there?" LOL And he refers to Stacy as his "little dr"...I wonder what my little dr is doing this morning. LOL He's so funny! All the girls at PT had a fit over him this morning because he was all decked out in his Spongebob swimtrunks, shirt, crocs w/jibbitz, and Spongebob towel. He was mighty disappointed that he couldn't get in the pool. Which cracks me'd think he never gets in a pool..we have one right out in the back yard. lol

Anyhow, thanks for all the emails and cards and everything. Dalton loves getting cards (especially from Miss Marlee!!).

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