Monday, May 11, 2009

Therapy Update

Today was our first appointment. Stacey was our therapist..she was really nice. Dalton said he liked her a lot. Poor Stacey doesn't know what she's gotten herself into with Dalton...LOL She did her own evaluation regarding his ROM and she got basically the same thing that Dr. Standard did. She couldn't believe he hadn't been started in PT earlier. Stacey said that we would work not only with his ROM but with strengthening his right leg as well. The muscle is smaller and weaker in the right leg than in the left. She gave us 3 strength exercises to do on top of the ones that Dr. Standard gave us. We got back Thursday for a pool appointment so she can show us exercises to do in our pool.

He was really sore this afternoon and I ended up just getting him to take a nap about 4:30. He stopped taking naps a good six months ago but I guess to get him through this I'll just let him nap if he needs to.

Just please keep praying that the PT does the job for him!

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