Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome update!

We had PT yesterday and Mrs. Stacy measured Dalton's ROM and he is within NORMAL RANGES on all of his ROM numbers!!!! HOLLA!! Every single one was in a normal range. Internal rotation was about 5 degrees less than "normal" but she said that anything off 5 degrees was still considered normal. Our goal is to keep it in normal ranges now. He has xrays next week and I'll be sending those, along with his super ROM #s, to Dr. Standard. I'm tickled over his ROM but I know that his xrays could also bring us trouble if they look much worse. Hopefully that won't be the case though. I'll update once his xrays are completed or once I hear back from Dr. Standard.

Thanks so much for all the prayers! We appreciate them so much!

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  1. Go glad to hear you had an swesome update! My son is 5 1/2 and was diagnosed with Perthes back in May 2009. His ROM is severely dampered and PT has not helped. Surgery was suggested just yesterday and I came across your blog in my frantic internet searches.