Thursday, September 10, 2009

sir limps a lot

We are going on a month and a half or so of *NO* night time pain. ***knocking on wood*** I don't have any idea where it went or why but hey, we are sleeping so WOOOOT!!! He is still complaining of daytime's hurting or aching..he is constantly wanting to put it up on something bc he says it hurts. The limp seems to be more pronounced at times but he still keeps on going and playing for the most part. Some days he wants his wheel chair and he'll ride in it around in the house..I think some of it is just playing, but then there are some days that he truly is sore. Since Dalton is so young it's hard to get him to explain to me what the pain is like so I don't know if it aches or if it's sharp pains or a pulled muscle pain or pain like a "catch" idea and that's just frustrating for me bc I wish I knew how it felt for him. He's such a trooper though, so independent! Poor baby is sick right now, not sure with what..he started complaining this afternoon that he had a headache and I felt his forehead and he was warm and his temp was 101.3. I asked him later after giving him meds for the fever and headache did anything hurt and he said "yes, my leg right here" and pointed to an area on his right thigh. He is still complaining of some left leg pain. I haven't heard from Dr. Standard yet but we have a chat coming up on 9/17 so I plan to send him a copy via email of Dalton's latest xrays and let him see if he sees any issue in that hip or if it's just from him favoring it.

In other news, school is going very well for us. Dalton loves doing school and is such a bright little guy. He can be a handful at times but he is absolutely the sweetest little thing. I just love him to pieces. I wish so bad that he wasn't going through this with his leg that he could run and jump and play without pain like other kids his age, but I know there's a reason for it all.

Here's a picture of him making a little lapbook in school with the letter "Gg".

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