Thursday, September 17, 2009

Couple of Videos

This video features my online pal, Sandi, and her daughter Rachael. Rachael had perthes and had an external fixator. This video also shows Dalton's super awesome hip doctor, Dr. Shawn Standard. Sandi was gracious enough to invite us to her home for a perthes pool party last month when we were up North for our appointment.

This next video I will never forget...Just after Dalton was diagnosed with perthes I was googling and came across this on You Tube. I remember so vividly watching this and just bawling my eyes out. Tonight as I was on You Tube trying to get the embedded link to Dr. Standard's video I came across this video again. I never put two and two together, but this video is of a child named Tanner and I have come to know his mom, Alice, through our online perthes support group. Tanner is an amazing little boy. What an awesome video!

As for us, still hanging in there. Dalton has his ROM measured next week and his xrays the first week in October. Praying for good xrays and an increase in ROM!

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