Saturday, October 10, 2009

Update from Dr. Standard (WOOOOT!)

Dr. Standard's assistant, Barbara, called yesterday afternoon about 4:45pm and said that Dr. Standard had reviewed Dalton's xrays and ROM #s and had asked her to call. She said that he said the following "xrays look good, ROM is GREAT! Will send RX for xrays to be made in our town the first week in December and for us to plan to see him in Baltimore mid-late January". I'm very pleased with this report! I'm glad Dr. S. is watching Dalton so closely. This way if something changes we should catch it quickly and can correct it by adding more PT or something in the mix. I don't know what he meant by xrays look good..don't know if they just don't look any worse or if he is seeing re-growth or what. But anyway..whatever he is seeing is keeping us out of surgery right now so I think that deserves a great big WOOOOOOT! lol : )

As far as Dalton goes he's still having some night time pain...maybe not as severe as it was a couple of months ago but it's still there. Today he's complained a good bit about his leg and I'm not sure why because he's not been overly or underly (lol) active either way..just about normal for him.

Thanks for continuing to check on us!


  1. I'm a 17 year old girl doing a project on LCPD. I Myself have this disease and i remember being in Dalton's position. Tell him he is not alone and the surguries are all worth it in the end!!! Good luck in your journey's!!!

  2. i am sitting in the school library waiting for the kids to get out of practice... I have never before looked for a blog containing perthes disease in fact there are days where i am pretty sure it is something the dr's just made up to give a name to the pain my daughter feels ( ok i know it is a 'real' disease but we have never met anyone else with it, and at times i know both my daughter and i feel like we are sinking in it)
    I am new to the whole blog world but i have bookmarked ( ? well i think that is what i have done)your site and cant wait to get some time ( and dry my eyes )to read about your story. Thank you for putting your life out there. Heidi