Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These past two days have been like a whirlwind but it looks like everything is coming together for us. Dr. Standard did not want us waiting to see him until June..they have a full calendar. He told Barbara, his assitant, to schedule us for an 8am appointment. That appointment is next Thursday, 5/7 at 8am. We will leave Wednesday morning and plan on just coming back after the appointment on Thursday. There is a slight chance that if he does deem surgery necessary that we will just stay up there and let that take place within a day or so. I'm not sure who is going with me to Baltimore at the moment..I'd say it would be a good chance it'll be my dad or Marie (Joey's mom). My dad is funny about two women being alone in this day and age, where as Joey doesn't see why I can't just take Dalton and go by I will just see how it works out. I'm not afraid to go would just be easier having someone else to travel with. There is nowhere to stay close to the hospital that is less than $ this morning while I was talking with Barbara she said that there was a house on hospital site that you could stay at if it was available...and thank the good Lord it was!!! $40 a night! It has 18 rooms, playrooms, etc. She said that if we had to have surgery that if it's available we could stay there the entire time! Yay!

We are going to the mountains this coming Friday with my parents for the weekend. We've had this scheduled for a while & I'm so thankful we did especially now not knowing what could happen with Dalton. I'm hoping this weekend I can just clear my mind from all these worries and just have a good time. I know he's going to be's just the thought of the surgery and stuff that is frightening. He's never had to be put to sleep or anything.

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  1. So glad you were able to find an affordable place to stay! (((hugs))) and best wishes!