Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shriners Appt Today

I am tired so I am just re-posting exactly what I posted on my Perthes support group..

The appt went fine...long..but fine. The nurse came in and asked us a lot of questions. Then we waited about 2 hours and a resident dr came in. She also asked us basically the same questions that the nurse asked...then she wanted to check his leg. She moved it and bent it all kinds of all know the drill. Then she said that she was going to get the dr and they would review his xrays (they didn't take any new ones since he just had them done on 3/30) and would be back in to talk to us. They come back in and the doctor talks to us and then he proceeds to also check out Dalton's leg. He just said that basically Perthes is a very controversial topic because there really isn't one certain way that is right or wrong to treat it. He said that with Dalton's age that he really expects him to do ok...there could be complications but that is why they keep an eye on it. He said that if he was 8 then they would be more aggressive...but at age 4 he expected him to do fine. That's basically the same thing his regular ped ortho is saying as well. He said that pain is part of it...he didn't seem overly sympathetic about the pain to me......but that might have just been me. The regular ped ortho just seems more "sorry" that Dalton is hurting....the one today just like yeah, pain is part of it..he'll be fine. He said to treat the pain with motrin, which is what we've been doing..He also said that if he's limping badly or in pain to limit his activity, but he also understood that he was 4 years old and that's a challenge in itself.

Of course, poor Dalton has been so sore this evening and one time even had huge crocodile tears because he's hurting. He always seems to hurt worse after his leg has been moved so much in those positions that aren't comfortable for him. He wants to see him in 6 months. How often are your children seen? Our regular ped ortho wanted to see him back in 4..but this one says 6.

We were very impressed with Shriners...everyone was so kind to us. When we first walked in they gave Dalton a stuffed animal to take home..and he loved the waterfall and all the toys, etc. He didn't want to leave when it was time to go. lol


  1. Sorry that you didn't get any "new" news today. I feel so bad that D. is hurting after his appointment. Sending (((hugs))) and lots of prayers!

  2. Hi Lori, It really depends on the visits. If everthing seems normal, 6 months. is average. But dont feel hesitent, if you are concerned, or pain seems more severe, to call, and get it checked out. We have done it a few times! Its hard to know with the pain sometimes... Also, Ashton had pain after stretches a lot, in the past. The past year, it seem to not hurt him so bad, afterward, just the uncomfortable during. But of course it hurts most times, so hard to know when or what causes it...BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!!

  3. Still thinking about you guys! Lots of love and prayers!


  4. Thinking of you all. Sorry to hear that the appointments are causing pain for Dalton.

  5. We saw one dr every three months, less often for Shriners. You'll go longer between appts as he improves. My son is now going once a year (he is in regrowth). You might ask about Naproxen for the pain--we had it in liquid form twice a day (the benefit is that it's twice a day and not three times like Motrin. Our doctors also told us that ibuprofen was not anti-inflammatory enough to handle the episodes of inflammation, but that varies by doctor). We were told that some kids have A LOT of pain and others not as much. My son has a high pain tolerance so that probably helped him a lot.

    Hope this helps! Karla and William (diagnosed right before he was 6, now he's almost 8 and playing hockey and baseball!).