Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayers have been answered!!

WE HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AT SHRINERS!!!!!!!!! Yes, you heard me right! Just found out this morning that he's been accepted....I have absolutely cried my eyes out from just sheer happiness! This is going to be such a blessing for us! You wouldn't believe, even with GOOD insurance, how much we've had to pay out of pocket for xrays and so forth! The lady that I spoke with this morning told me that I should know within the week when his first appointment would be.

As far as Dalton goes, he has good days and bad days. He may do relatively find during the day but cry with leg pain at night, or he may have some episodes of pain during the day and sleep fine at night. The limp is always there now. In the beginning he might limp some and not some but now he limps always. Sometimes it's worse than others, but definetly always there.

Yesterday we were at my mom's and he went to get on his Radio Flyer tricycle (and I specify the kind so you would know it's higher than a hot wheels or something) and he had his left foot on the pedal but was struggling to get his right leg up and on and he screamed out about his "stupid, stupid weg!" and just cried. Me and Mama had tears in our eyes and Mama said "bless his little heart". He's never had trouble like that before. He just let his right leg hang out and he pedaled with just his left one. :( My poor baby. He gets so frustrated with it sometimes and he will say that he wishes Ju Ju's weg hurt for him. (Ju Ju (Julie) is my sister and she told him one time that she wished it was her leg and not his...) This is a definite issue with his ROM (range of motion). It is definetly, definetly worse.....

Along with new doctors comes that fear of not knowing what they will do for him...they could do this wait and watch approach, or they could be more aggressive with it. Guess we'll just pray that whatever is needed is the best thing for Dalton now and for the long term!


  1. YEA!! So glad they accepted him!!
    How horriblely hard it must be to see him have to go through the pain and the frustration with his leg and know there is nothing you can do for him (((((HUGS)))))

  2. (((((((hugs)))))))) So glad to hear this, I know it will be the start of great things to come for you guys and LOTS of help for Dalton. I'm sure of it! :) When do you find out more, like when you go, etc?