Monday, March 30, 2009

Appt update!

Well...there really isn't much to report. His xrays and his ROM were worse, but the dr said he expected it to be. He watched him walk, tried to get him to run (but Dalton would not...), had him stand on one leg and then on the other, etc. He asked me several questions about if he kept up with other children. I told him he didn't keep up in running and climbing, but he doesn't let it stop him...he still plays. There is just a tiny bit of flattening or something now on his left hip and he said that he *thinks* right now that maybe Dalton is overcompensating with the left leg..but then he asked me if I knew that having it in one leg gave him a little higher of a risk of having it in the other...which I knew. He said to give him both tylenol and motrin at bedtime. I just hate to have to give him medication every day. I did give him motrin tonight at bedtime because he seemed to be more sore today. I will give him tylenol if he were to wake up tonight. I told him that we had an appointment at Shriners..he said we would love it and that if this was his child that is where he would take them..bc he wouldn't treat his own child. I went ahead and scheduled the follow up w/Dr. Beckish just in case Shriners doesn't work out for some reason.

Here's the latest xray pics (lol..I figured I would try to cover him up just a tad.)

You can see on this part on the left side of the "rounded" part that it is just a tad flat. Any of my perthes girls want to comment on this for me???

Oh and here's a cute picture of Dalton and Katie looking out the window last week at our non-stop rain! lol


  1. Wow Lori! I am continuing to pray for Dalton and the rest of you! You are one amazing Mama!

  2. My baby has Legg Perthes too. Travis is just 6 and was diagnosed last year. He had symptoms at 4 1/2. He goes to the Shriners in Minneapolis and loves his appointments. So far no surgery! We will pray for Dalton too.