Sunday, March 1, 2009

Pain I posted last on the 19th that he'd been limping and stiff for about a week...well he's still doing it. There's been no let up in the limping or the stiffness. And out of the past 5 nights he's gotten up twice a night on 3 of the nights. He will just cry and roll around and moan and sit up and lay down and scream out and want me to hold him and then scream when I try to move him. It's very frustrating and it's so hard as a mom to NOT be able to make it better or to be able to tell him that it "won't hurt tomorrow!" His ROM (range of motion) still stinks. If anything, I think it's worse...we do the exercises but I can't really tell that it's helping. It's like we are just stuck. He's limping bad at times and should be couched I guess..but then if we limit his activity then it makes the stiffness worse. So I just don't know what to do really. It makes it hard for me to let go because he is afraid of his leg cramping and hurting and not having somebody with him that can help him. He will cry and say he doesn't want to go to Awana and I know it's his leg because he LOVES Cubbies! I just feel torn because I can't be everywhere and do everything so we just end up sitting at home...and that's hard too because we are home ALL.THE.TIME.

Don't get me wrong...I hate to sound all doom and gloom. Life is grand in the grand scheme of things. School is going well for Hunter and I am working with Dalton on Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and he's doing SO good and he's so proud of himself that he's starting to sound out letter blends. We do lots of fun things with school and we do have some play dates. Both of the boys got into poison oak back in January...then Hunter got into it AGAIN in a different spot (in the woods behind our house) and I had to call the on call pediatrican for our pediatric group this evening and she called him in another round of prednisone because instead of completely going away it just flared up again this weekend. Hunter had a sinus infection at the beginning of the month and then Joey got sick with a cold/sinus infection and we all followed and Hunter got it again as well and he didn't seem to be able to shake it so finally the pediatrician put him on an antibiotic this past Friday. So now he's on both the Omnicef and the prednisone. We are steering clear of sickness as much as possible. It's just too hard. I feel like between the poison oak and the sinus infection(s) that one of us has had something since the beginning of January! I'm hoping if we can just hang on another week or two that the sickness will all go away and we can be back to some kind of a normal routine!

That's about it for our update. Poison oak, sinus infections, and leg pain...we are a wild crowd! ha We are really hoping to see a little snow tomorrow and then we are ready for Spring to get here soon!! :)

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