Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pain and appointment confirmation

Appointment with Shriners is 4/23 at 1:00pm with Dr. Gibson.

We will be keeping our appointment with Dr. Beckish this coming Monday, 3/30 at 9:10am. We just felt like the end of April was too long to wait until he was seen, especially since we know that his ROM has worsened.

Last night was hands down the worst night we've had with pain. He got up 4 times crying with pain and basically the rest of the night he tossed and turned and moaned and would reach for his leg. It was rough...we didn't get much sleep. This morning he's stiff, but that's not unusual for mornings on a good day.

I always get so anxious around appointment times just not knowing if this is the time that they will say that he needs some kind of surgery or braces or something. It could never happen, but there's always the chance that it will. I know we'll be fine's just that fear of the unknown that stinks.

I will update after his appointment on Monday.

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  1. Praying for you guys, and hoping that the appointment today went well. (((hugs)))