Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home, tired, & thankful

Thanks, Allison, for updating for me.

Basically everything is just what she said. He said the xrays were "looking good" but that's because he did one extra xray (abduction style) and said that his pelvis was still in line and not responding by turning due to the LCPD. His xrays don't look any worse than the ones 6 weeks ago. His ROM was down a tad but Dr. Standard wasn't too concerned..said that there will be days that it will be down, either due to inflammation, activity level, or whatever. He said we are in a "touch and go" situation that at any point we may have to intervene and that's why right now he wants to see us every 6 weeks. He did agree to let us have xrays done here and have them sent up to him along with a report from PT regarding his ROM numbers. Based on that we'll see if it buys us another 6 weeks or not. I told him about the misery that is the abduction pillow and he told me to try it some during the day...stretch him and put the pillow on and let him watch 30 mins of tv a couple of times a day. He asid even an hour on is better than none at all.

So as it stands he have xrays the first week in October. Dr. Standard and I will talk via phone or email and he'll decide if he wants us to come on to Baltimore for the tenotomy (he calls it soft tissue release..where they clip tendons in the hip area to loosen the leg up) or if we can wait it out for 6 more weeks. Right now our next appt is schedule for 12/7.

Just keep sending up prayers and good thoughts our way. We are definetly hoping to get out of this without any surgery at all!

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